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Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses Bhutan

Bhutan, the last great Himalayan kingdom tucked between India and China, has remained shrouded in magic and mystery and is still relatively untouched by the outside world. It is a land where traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments, from which it has created its Gross National Happiness philosophy. So rich with tradition, culture, mythology and nature, Bhutan is sure to exceed all of your expectations. Now, with the arrival of Six Senses Bhutan, there is no better time to visit.

Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses Bhutan operates as one hotel separated into five smaller lodges that combine to create a journey through the kingdom. There are currently three unique lodges within Six Senses Bhutan, located in some of the most stunning parts of the country, with a further two lodges on the way. The unique locations allow guests to journey through different areas of Bhutan while maintaining the same Six Senses experience throughout.

Six Senses Bhutan


Each of the lodges has been adapted to its surroundings, while being thoughtfully designed to fully immerse travellers into the local culture. The lodges all vary in style and showcase the special character of each valley, while each sharing grand sweeping views out to their unique valley. Subtle references to Bhutanese architecture can be seen throughout the properties with the simple lines of natural timber furniture, Himalayan rugs and traditional wood-burning bukharis stoves in each room.

Six Senses Bhutan

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge, set within apple orchards and pine groves, is the largest of all of the properties with 20 suites and 4 villas. Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, is known as the golden throne of the Kingdom and is a great base for exploring all that this area has to offer. Thimphu Lodge is considered a "palace in the sky" where the prayer pavilion appears to float during the stillness of the mornings in the reflective ponds.

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge

Two hours east, Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge is named the "flying farmhouse amidst rice terraces” where the lounge bar has been designed with inspiration from local farmhouses. It protrudes over the swimming pool in the style of Punakha Dzong’s cantilever bridge, while appearing to fly above the abundant rice terraces. The 16 suites and 3 villas here incorporate the farmhouse feel with mud brick features in the bathrooms and light fittings created from mason jars. Punakha is the ancient capital of Bhutan full of dramatic views with looming snow-capped mountains and monasteries dotted throughout. 

Six Senses Bhutan Paro Lodge

The final stop in the Six Senses Bhutan journey being close to the international airport, is Paro Lodge. Known as the “stone ruins” having been creatively inspired in its design by the ruined 15th century fortress that it sits within its grounds. The expansive views from the vast terrace, are utterly breathtaking. An open fire sits in the middle of the stone terrace for a cosy outdoor breakfast or to warm up and share stories for sundowners. 20 suites and 3 villas here continue the stone wall design along with vertical timbers giving the mountain lodge feel.

A 17-acre sustainable village is being created at the site of the Paro Lodge where guests can learn about traditional agricultural practices as well as pick fresh ingredients for a cooking class. 

Wellness and Spa

Wellness forms an integral part of any Six Senses experience. Each of the properties at Six Senses Bhutan has it’s own signature Six Senses spa and wellness centre that incorporate local experiences in a unique way. Six Senses Thimphu is focused on health, Punakha on time and balance, and Paro on education.

Six Senses Bhutan Spa

Yoga takes place twice per day at each lodge, balancing between energetic practices in the morning and slower, more meditative practice during the afternoon. Full fitness suites and swimming pools are also available at each lodge.

Six Senses Bhutan Yoga

Be sure to relax and enjoy a signature massage, incorporating mindful experiences, powerful crystals and singing bowls into treatments that act as the perfect antidote to the many mountain hikes that are to be enjoyed throughout Bhutan.


Bhutan is a country that prides itself on it’s Gross National Happiness (GNH) philosophy, acting as a guide for life in Bhutan. The four pillar’s of Bhutan’s GNH are Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development, Cultural Preservation and Good Governance, all of which are carefully maintained and integrated into the design and running of Six Senses Bhutan. Energy, water and waste are actively managed, trees are regularly planted and the culture is felt through the people and the journeys that form the foundations of the Six Senses Bhutan experience.

Six Senses Bhutan


Guest Experience Makers (GEM) and guides create a unique journey for each trip, combining interests with the best of Bhutan. Journeys can range from five to fourteen nights and anything in between. Visiting Thimphu, Punakha and Paro gives a taste of different valleys within Bhutan, each contrastingly unique. Aim to spend a minimum of two nights in each location in order to really experience all they have to offer.

Six Senses Bhutan

Two further lodges are due to open towards the end of 2019 in Gangtey and Bumthang. These lodges will be more intimate with just eight suites and one villa each, but from what I’ve heard, the best for Six Senses Bhutan is yet to come.

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