The Vegan Jetsetter

Many of us are becoming more aware of the benefits that a plant-based diet has for ourselves and our planet. The number of people moving towards vegan diets is increasing and with it the options available. Gone are the days of this meaning just salads and veg, I'm on a mission to unearth the best vegan options out the world has to offer.

Vegan in Copenhagen

Denmark is a land full of traditional foods and not many that spring to mind are on the vegan-friendly side of things. But it is also increasingly a land of deliciously fresh, plant-based options and some pretty cool vegan cafes oozing in the Danish Hygge too.

Den Økologiske Pølsemand

Den Økologiske Pølsemand

Hotdogs are a thing in Denmark and a big thing too. Any Dane will tell you how special a Danish hotdog is and of course far better than any others around the world, before then listing off the toppings they come with. So I was so happy to discover this gem in the heart of Copehagen’s old town, a hotdog stand serving up vegan Danish hotdogs!

Den Økologiske Pølsemand

Sprinkled as ever with delicious cooked onions, I couldn’t tell the difference. The stand is located next to the Rundetaarn, preparing you perfectly for exploring the Old Town.

Den Økologiske Pølsemand


Another worry as a vegan visiting Copenhagen, “but what about the Danish pastries!”. Luckily this one has also been taken care of with Naturbageriet.

Close to Norreport station, a small bakery with vegan options such as cream buns, chocolate croissants and the poppy seed favourite Thebirkes.


A cafe dedicated to one of my favourite foods, porridge. Now with 4 bars in Copenhagen and 1 in Aarhus, the atmosphere inside is nothing but hygge.

The menu is organic and seasonal and allows you to experiment with different types of porridge and every topping you can imagine. It isn’t exclusively vegan but there are more than enough options not to notice.

And as an extra bonus, they have oat milk for coffees! I think I found my perfect breakfast bar.


The motto here is #eatlikeyougiveafork and they certainly deliver with this, catering not only to the health conscious but also to those who care about sustainable and ethical living. A fully plant-based cafe in the heart of Østerbro with breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. If the weather is nice you can sit outside in the quaint Melchiors Plads. Founded by 2 Australian’s, the inside definitely has Aussie inspirations and very friendly service.


I visited for brunch so had to try the brunch plate consisting of pancakes, smashed avo, cashew yoghurt with muesli, fresh fruit and hummus and green pea mash with bread. The pancakes and green pea mash in particular are to die for. And they have oat milk matcha latte, so I had 2 just to make sure!

This place got the ultimate seal of approval, visiting with meat-loving friends who were sceptical at the start but loved the food just as much as me.
We are already planning our return to try out the burger, pizza and pretty much everything else on the menu!


Trovehallerne is a self proclaimed super market consisting of two separate glass buildings next to each other, lined with independent vendors selling everything from fresh fruit & veg to huge plants of fresh herbs, piles of nuts, organic beauty products, fresh pressed juices and cafes with beautiful pastries.

There’s a Grød serving up their delicious porridge. And fancy coffee from The Coffee Collective, serving ‘exceptional coffee experiences in a manner that gives better living conditions to coffee farmers across the globe’. The vendors aren’t strictly vegan but they do label their food well so it is easy to pick out the vegan foods or ask for vegan options to be created.

Atlas Bar

A typical Danish cafe/bar with a special vegetarian & vegan menu in the central Latin quarter of the city. They have limited tables and a very cosy feel so it’s worth making a booking.

They are linked to another restaurant upstairs called Urten which is purely vegan and offers 3-course dinner menus on the weekends so we’ll be back to try that out soon!

Atlas Bar
Sea by Kiin Kiin

This is the younger sibling to the only Thai restaurant outside of Thailand with a Michelin star. The name sounds deceivingly like a seafood spot but it actually stands for South East Asia, the inspiration behind the food. Set in a beautiful protected warehouse where Nyhavn meets the water, they have a beer made especially for them by Mikkeller with a taste of old Nyhavn and its tradition.

The menu here isn’t vegan. However, we were visiting as part of a larger group so they served a special 6 course vegan tasting menu especially for us in line with what the rest of the group were having, and I’m confident they can do it for others too. Everything had a Thai influence which of course, I loved.