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Content Writing, Photography and Social Media Management

Content Writing, Photography AND

Social Media Management

Content Writing, Photography and Social Media Management

What I do

Working together with companies within the travel industry, I create content to bring businesses to life for their audience. I have worked worldwide with hotels, tour operators, cafes and restaurants, tour guides and PR companies to effectively relay their message to their target audience.

What I offer

I offer the complete package, content writing, photography and social media marketing and management.

I create written content geared towards the clients campaign. Whether as content for your website, a blog post, newsletter or using my own platform to reach a wider audience. I use keywords and effective SEO to drive more clicks to your campaign.

Having studied photography, I create the images that your clients are waiting to see. I approach each project with the customer in mind, creating visually engaging and aesthetically pleasing content that will bring your product to life. From high-res website photography to aesthetically pleasing social media content driven to increase ‘likes’, I can create what your brand is missing.

Take a look at some examples here.

Putting together an effective social media campaign, I will engage your clients in a discussion with your brand. I will increase your brands following and likes as well as creating a genuine conversation with your audience. Take a look here for how this can be done.

Who I work with

My clients come from all areas of the travel industry.

Content Writing, Photography and Social Media Management

Maybe you’re a new hotel looking to establish yourself? Maybe you’re trying to stand out from your competitors? Maybe you have a new wellness programme that you want to reach your audience with? You might be offering a new tour or looking to increase visitors to your area of the world? Whatever it is, I can help you to achieve this.

Where Am I based

I am based in Europe, between London and Barcelona. But I work with clients worldwide and can more often be found in an airplane seat that on my own sofa. From Thailand, to California, to Australia, to Mexico, to Italy and Spain. I really do work with clients based all over the world.

How to get started

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