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Amsterdam - A Photographer's Paradise


Amsterdam is well known for many things, but not until I lived there did I realise that this is a city oozing in beauty and photography opportunities on every corner. Wherever I looked I found a photo waiting to be taken. 


Here are some of my favourite spots for taking the best Amsterdam shots.

Papiermolensluis, Bridge 57

Living on Herengracht was an absolute dream. Evenings were spent at Brouwersgracht looking over to the Papeneiland Cafe with canals meeting to provide the perfect setting for sunset shots. Canal boats would often cruise past adding a little texture to the shot, but the long shutter gave a calmness to the waters and intensified the colours of the skies. Daytime shots here will capture the canal tours and the many cyclists, giving a classic Amsterdam composition.


Princengracht & Leliegracht

A great spot for long shutter photos as the sun begins to set and the canal lights are illuminated. Looking towards the popular bar on the corner, this spot is always busy with boats and bikes which add some great streaks to the shots. So much life can be captured into such a still picture with the contrast between the setting skies and the scattered evening lights.


Lovers Bridge

Any good canal cruise will take you to Lovers Bridge and allow you time to smooch up to your love and guarantee yourselves a life together. But visiting this bridge again on the shores provides a great foreground to spice up your canal pictures.



Home to the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum, this is one busy square. It also holds the famous iamsterdam letters which you can’t really leave town with a photo of or on. But stand a little further back and take in more of what the square has to offer with the pond creating a perfect foreground to the stunning architecture of the Rijksmuseum behind.


Red Light District

More famous for other things, the area of the Red Light District provides an excellent setting for Amsterdam photographs with the unique feature of the houses plunging straight into the water. 

7 Bridges

Seen from Herengracht, the seven bridges along Reguliersgracht line up perfectly to give one of the most beautiful canals in all of Amsterdam. And once night sets, they light up to give one of the most photographed spots in the whole city.


Amsterdam Light Festival

It’s worth visiting Amsterdam during December and January when the city lights up with 35 artworks from international artists, designers and architects around the Canal Ring and River Amstel. Dedicated canal cruises and walking routes help visitors to take in the selection of spectacular illuminated artworks.