Bored in the Maldives? Never!

I've heard people claim they don’t go to Maldives because they’d get bored. WHHAAAAT?!

While I may need to admit that the thought crossed my mind for the teeniest of moments before my first trip (what was I, crazy?!), two trip in, I can now confirm, that there is never enough time spent in the Maldives. You will be surprised how quickly your days form a routine, lazy wake ups, enjoyable meals without the usual rush from back home. Here are some top tips if you are in need of any convincing that the Maldives are always a good idea.



As soon as you arrive head to the dive shop and pick up your snorkelling gear. If your room isn’t already extending into the water with your very own stairway to the underworld, it will be very close to it. And while it might not look as though there is much going on while you’re rocking in your hammock, you discover a whole new world as soon as your dip your head under. Tropical fish galore, beautiful corals everywhere, dolphins dancing. And OK, some sharks, sting rays and jelly fish are around too, but I was assured they were all friendly and they do end up feeling more like pets than predators, but I was also lucky enough to only spot them while I was on dry land.



Our room at Grand Park Kodhipparu was 800m from the breakfast room, while golf buggies are on hand to whisk you wherever you wish to go, we enjoyed walking instead. It is then that you spot sealife at different times and see the sand in different colours of white as you get to explore, and of course, get your steps up ready for a breakfast feat.

Be Mindful

Never have time to meditate at home? There are no excuses now! With guided meditation on your terrace to the sound of the water, it couldn’t be easier to find your happy place and keep your mind on the same blissful path as your body.

Be Mindful

Get Active

Along with travel I love fitness. And one big plus for me is that not many other people enjoy exercising as much on their holidays. The result? Your very own private gym to set up and go crazy with as you wish. For me, this was a luxury in itself and has the added bonus that you don't come home feeling as though you’ve been nothing but naughty all holiday.

Be active


Being on an island, there is nothing more special than watching the sunset. Allocate your time at the end of the afternoon to enjoying this every day. It is always different and it is always beautiful. 


You will inevitably be feeling at some point that your holiday is going far too quickly. While you may not be able to extend the amount of days, you can definitely extend the amount of hours you’re awake. Sunsets have a slightly sombre feel as you say goodnight, while sunrise on the other hand brings with it the giddy excitement of the day ahead of you. Being on a tiny island is a fortune not everyone gets to experience, so the luxury of enjoying a sunrise and sunset in one day is not to be missed.



Holidays are a great time to spend quality time with your loved ones and games can bring a healthy little bit of competition to your holiday, just make sure she wins.

Water sports

You're on the water, so why not get out on the water? You name it, they have it. Catamaran sailing, parasailing, jet skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, banana boat riding, water skiing, wake boarding, knee boarding, fun tubes riding, kite surfing, wind surfing, wave surfing, stand up paddling - what to choose?

Water sports


If you do really get to the point of wanting to get off the island there are many excursions to choose from. Although I have to admit my trip was about six months short of requiring this so we didn't do any. Morning fishing trips, dolphin cruises, snorkeling trips, sunset fishing and dolphin watches are just some of the options that were on offer at Grand Park Kodhipparu.

Grand Park Kodhipparu