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Top 10 Singapore Highlights


Singapore is one of my all time favourite cities, a real melting pot of cultures and a huge contrast to the rest of Asia. A pleasant escape from the hecticness of Bangkok, it feels in many ways a bit more like a city in Europe with evidence still present of it's colonial past. Having visited a few times already, here are my highlights for a first visit.


Botanical Gardens

Living up to Singapore’s reputation as a city based within a garden, the 60 acres of land here have been recognised as a UNESCO site and offer something for everyone. Housing the worlds largest collection of Orchids, the sprawling grounds are perfect for a jog, a picnic, or just a laze in the Singaporean sun.

Southern Ridges

10km of green open spaces that can be enjoyed on a raised walkway. You get the feeling that the city is long behind you, until it emerges between the bushes and you remember how close to it you are. I took the cable car up to the start, which gives a great insight into the scale of Singapore's harbour and the number of boats coming in and out every day.

Universal Studios Singapore

A great alternative for those located a little too far away from the real deal. Based on Sentosa Island which is ideal as a staycation for locals, there are lots of attractions here to entertain all day. I found Universal Studios didn’t cater so much for adults so if attending without kids you won’t need more than half a day, but a fun half a day it is nonetheless.

Bumboat River Cruise

Great to get your bearings and easily take in the sights of Boat Quay, Clarke key and Marina Bay in a 40 minute cruise. You'll pass Merlion, the famous representation of Singapore sitting on the edge of the Marina Bay waterfront. It works as a water taxi so you can pick it up from different points along the water.

Gardens by the Bay

Sprawling gardens covering 101 hectares of reclaimed land behind Marina Bay Sands. With super-sized and interconnected trees and the worlds tallest indoor waterfall, the gardens provide another perfect spot for a picnic with an picturesque view of Singapore's skyline.

Marina Bay Sands

A hotel that offers a world of possibilities even for those not staying the night. A shopping centre, rooftop pool, restaurant & bar, casino, canal rides, exhibition hall, theatres - you name it, it’s got it.

Marina Bay Sands

Drive the F1 track in style

One of your tougher choices, a Lamborghini, Ferrari, McLaren or Porsche? Drive along the city route of the Singapore F1 and feel, just for half an hour, like you’re Lewis Hamilton.

F1 Singapore Lamborghini

Dinner & Drinks at Cé La Vi

Rather than paying to visit the panoramic deck at Marina Bay Sands, head to Cé La Vi and put your 23 SGD towards a good evening and get the exact same view. With a stunning view over Singapore, this is one drink not to be missed. Top tip: arrive just in time for sunset!

Ce La Vi

An evening on Club Street

In the evening the street gets blocked off as the bars sprawl out making this an ever-buzzing evening area. It is also home to my favourite restaurant in the world, Lolla, which is perfect in food, staff, atmosphere, music, basically everything.

Club Street

Cocktail Bars

If there’s one thing that Singapore excels at, it is it’s cocktail bars. So many to choose from, 28 Hong Kong Street, Manhattan, Gibson, Employees Only - the question is how many can you squeeze into your stay?