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Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge, also known as the 'Flying Farmhouse’, is nestled high up amongst the abundant rice terraces, overlooking the valley of Punakha. An iconic giant wooden glass box, designed in the style of a local farmhouse, floats over the terraces, honouring the regions agricultural heritage. At 1,400 feet, Punakha experiences a warmer climate than much of the rest of Bhutan making the heated outdoor pool at Punakha Lodge the perfect spot to relax and take in the rolling green views.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Spa

The design of the Flying Farmhouse is inspired by the design of the Cantilever Bridge that crosses the Mo Chhu river at Punakha Dzong, with the architect making careful observation of the hotels surroundings. Inside you can enjoy the lodge’s Living Room bar, with 180-degree views of the terraced rice fields and snow capped mountains beyond, while a glass floor looks down to the swimming pool below. This is a cosy spot to relax with one of the many books on Bhutan from the next door library. 

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge


Each of the 16 suites and 3 villas has been designed to take advantage of the spectacular valley views. Spacious rooms have a mountain lodge feel, minimally decorated throughout in wood and complimented with warm textiles. 

Six Senses Bhutan Phunakha Lodge Rooms

The farmhouse feel is continued with mud brick features in the bathrooms and light fittings created from mason jars.

Six Senses Punakha Lodge Rooms

A small living area, complete with traditional bukharis, opens out to a vast balcony that takes perfect advantage of the stunning Punakha vistas. Bukharis are lit for guests in the evenings when the mountainous temperatures can drop a little, making for a cosy nights sleep.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Spa


Ari restaurant has cleverly incorporated Bhutanese bamboo woven picnic baskets, traditionally used to carry lunch food during paddy cultivation, into it’s design. Here they hang suspended from the ceiling, continuing the farmhouse theme, with chairs being created in a similar design. 

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge Dining

Menus are designed with a focus on local produce and incorporate traditional Bhutanese dishes. Meals can be effortlessly tailored to guests and can be adapted to be fully plant based. 

Breakfasts on the terrace, overlooking the rice paddies with the floating farmhouse in the background, are a perfect start to the day as the mist clears through the valley. Enjoy traditional Bhutanese dishes, with a western twist and a warming masala tea with freshly made almond milk.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge


The spa at Punakha Lodge is themed around the idea of ‘Time and Balance’. It is a space for guests to come to detach from their day-to-day life and focus on relaxation with treatments being carefully crafted to ensure this. 

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge Spa

Various techniques are incorporated into treatments in order to aid with relaxation. Guests are guided to treatment rooms with their eyes closed by therapists, acting as a walking meditation. Singing bowls are used to balance energies at the start and end of treatments. And carnelian crystals are given to hold throughout the treatment, which is known for its grounding and energising qualities. 

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Spa

Morning and afternoon yoga takes place in one of the meditation salas surrounded by abundant green forests. When the weather is not so good, sessions move in to the large fitness suite with floor to ceiling windows offering a front row view over the valley.

Six Senses Bhutan Phunakha Lodge Spa


Six Senses always go the extra mile to create unique and memorable experiences. On the river bank opposite to Punakha Dzong, a Martini bar with a table for two had been set up waiting to welcome us on our arrival into Punakha.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Bar men from the main lodge were ready to shake and stir up creative cocktails, while the chef had put together some light snacks to enjoy as the sun began to set through the valley.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Six Senses Bhutan Punakha Lodge is located just a 15 minute drive from Punakha Dzong, one of the most beautiful fortresses in all of Bhutan, which acted as the winter capital due to it’s warmer climate. Hikes can be taken from the lodge to some of the surrounding monasteries and temples and your guides and GEM and make sure to put together the perfect itinerary for your stay.

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