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Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Dining

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge, the ‘Palace in the Sky' sits 2,650 meters high up on the mountainside, surrounded by pine forests and orchards on the edge of Bhutan’s capital. The largest of the lodges within Six Senses Bhutan, Thimphu Lodge has taken inspiration in it’s design from fortresses in the nearby Thimphu Valley. Morning reflections in the still ponds give the impression that the lodge's prayer pavilion is floating, just like a palace in the sky.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Thimphu Lodge sits, watching over the capital city of Thimphu, creating a luxury retreat within easy reach of the capital’s attractions. The prayer pavilion offers stunning 180-degree views over the valley, taking in nearby monasteries and the gigantic golden Buddha statue at Buddha Dordenma. A telescope has been appropriately positioned at the entrance to Thimphu Lodge to allow guests to explore the breathtaking scene in greater detail.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge


Six Sense Bhutan Thimphu Lodge comprises of 20 suites, 3 one-bedroom villas and 1 two-bedroom villa, spread throughout the expansive grounds, maintaining an intimate feel. Decor is subtly luxurious, with local pine being used in traditional Bhutanese architectural style while comfortable soft furnishings of warm neutral colours are ready to sink into and enjoy the fresh mountain air. 

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

Spacious suites create separate living and sleeping areas. Warm rugs and blankets along with the wooden design give the feeling of warm mountain retreat. Bukhari fire stoves are lit in the evenings when the high mountain air can get a little chilly. Rooms are situated at the top of the hill allowing spectacular views below through the expansive windows and from the lounge-like balcony.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Rooms

Freestanding baths are well positioned for an extra special space to soak in the views that make this location so outstanding. The layout and small touches at Six Senses Thimphu made this my favourite of all of the rooms throughout the Six Senses Bhutan lodges.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Rooms


Meals at Thimphu Lodge can either be enjoyed in the Namkha Restaurant or privately in suites and villas. Namkha Restaurant has both an indoor formal restaurant set around a central fireplace, and an outdoor terrace at the side of the reflecting ponds, situated perfectly to enjoy the views of Thimphu. 

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Dining

Six Senses Bhutan is creating an ecological village with support from local farmers and in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF). Each lodge will have its own organic garden, focusing on growing the freshest produce that is suitable to each valley, with the aim of become self-sufficient. With this, dining at Six Senses Bhutan has a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients that are creatively put together. 

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Dining

Menus are changed in line with what is in season, while plant-based menus are updated daily, taking inspiration from Bhutanese cuisine with a unique twist. Plant-based dining is fits seamlessly into Bhutanese cuisine, with the nation's commitment to not killing animals. Chef’s are always on hand and open to adapting the menu to each of the guests.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Dining

Breakfasts are a combination of western and eastern favourites, such as Bhutanese buckwheat pancakes and Bhutanese porridge with dates. While lavish dinners come in the form of four-course feasts. 

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

The dimly-lit bar is well-stocked and a cosy spot to relax with a drink before or after your meal.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Bar

Spa & Wellness

Wellness forms an integral part of any Six Senses property. The Spa at Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge is themed around the idea of health. A wellness doctor is on hand with modern technology to perform a complete analysis of your body and make suggestions as to the best treatments for you.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge Spa

There are both couples and single treatment rooms, surrounded by tranquil trees and a gentle waterfall.

Six Senses Bhuthan Thimphu Lodge Spa

Twice daily yoga and meditation sessions allow guests to rebalance. Morning sessions are energetic, incorporating breathwork to revitalise for the day ahead, while afternoon sessions focus more on grounding, using singing bowls and visualisation to clear the mind after a busy day.

Six Senses Bhutan Yoga

A fully-equipped fitness room, with expansive views, can help you to  get in shape ready to enjoy all of the hikes that Bhutan has to offer. 

Thimphu Lodge Fitness

The 25-meter heated indoor pool is a perfect space to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring, with fluffy lounge chairs to lose time in.

Six Senses Bhuthan Thimphu Lodge Swimming Pool


On arrival, you will be introduced to your personal GEM (Guest Experience Maker), who along with your guides, tailor makes itineraries to each guest. Your GEM is on hand throughout your stay for anything and everything that your heart may desire.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge

A short 15 minute hike from Six Senses Thimpu Lodge brings you to Lungsi Gang, a spectacular spot overlooking Thimpu where you can enjoy the sun setting behind the mountains. The Six Senses team can arrange a welcome picnic of local tea and Zaow (fried rice) to enjoy here as the sun sets while you breathe in the fresh Bhutanese mountain air.

Lungsi Gang

Archery is Bhutan’s national sport and is played all year around, forming an integral part of Bhutanese festivities. An archery range is set up on the lawn in front of the suites, with guides on hand to guide guests on the Bhutanese way to hit the bulls eye. Thimphu Lodge is the only lodge where archery can be played and is an absolute must during your stay.

Six Senses Bhutan Archery

With Six Senses commitment to sustainability, trees and grass are currently being planted throughout the lodge to reverse the effects of the construction on the local environment. Once grown, the abundance of green will compliment with the natural stone and wood design of the buildings, maintaining the green seen throughout Bhutan, and maybe even making this spot more special than it already is.

Six Senses Bhutan Thimphu Lodge